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Summer months are upon us and as the temperatures get even higher, the only thing in our mind is vacation. Maybe to an exotic destination, a beautiful island or wherever sea, sun and salt is included. But before heading anywhere to enjoy our holidays, one thing is sure; we need to be well prepared and feel beautiful.

As women we know that perfect looking body and skin are essential in order to have confidence in our bathing suits. So, here are 3 beauty treatments perfect not only before heading to your favorite place, but also if you just want to treat yourself.


Perfecting the look of the lower body area is exactly what we need, apart from a new bikini. Ultra Cavitation is the ultimate method to achieve it; easy, non-surgical and effective. It tightens the skin, reduces fat and cellulite.


The sun will be there to age our skin. Pampering ourselves to a super hydrating facial before we expose our face to the sun’s damaging rays, is essential for plumped and young looking skin.


Anything that concerns swimming, sweating or being in a very humid climate means one thing; ruined makeup. Having your eyebrows tinted and getting eyelash extensions will not only save your makeup, but also your time.

Have fun wherever you go!

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