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Sun exposure is hands down our skin’s number one enemy. It not only dehydrates our complexion completely, but also takes away all of our youth due to the sun’s harmful rays. Sure sunbathing can be fun during Summer, but have you ever thought of the long-term damage, dark spots and aging it can cause when we don’t pay enough attention?

Additionally, salty sea water or pool water full of chlorine, make our skin even more dry, draining off our complexion. If you want glowy gorgeous skin that looks and feels healthy, then these rejuvenating yet relaxing treatments are definitely for you!

  1. Hydration

Feel free to book an appointment in our Doral, Florida located Spa, for a hydrating facial that will leave your skin silky smooth and soft like never before.

  1. Brightening

Want to lighten up your dark spots and make your skin look balanced again? An Anti-Stain treatment is what you need to achieve that.

  1. Anti-Aging

If anti-aging is your main skin concern, then you should get an anti-aging treatment of your preference and see your fine lines and wrinkles dramatically reduced. Youthful skin is always on point!

Gorgeous complexion is awaiting!