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It’s not a secret that all women love luscious, plumped lips. And let’s be realistic here; beautiful full lips are the number one feature of the face that can make us look sensual and sexy. With all the craze coming from social media like Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube, as well as celebrities and beauty vloggers, having gorgeous lips is a necessity. Not because we see them everywhere; but for ourselves, in order to boost our confidence and feel even prettier.

However, achieving the 3D dimensional lips of your dreams, doesn’t have to be scary or uncomfortable. There is an easy, non-surgical way that will give you the results you’re looking for, without the need of fillers that can sometimes look fake.

Permanent make up is the answer for the most realistic and natural looking lip enhancing treatment. Your lips will be re-shaped by a tattoo line drawn on the borders of your lips, similar to your natural lip color (or even darker if you prefer), giving the illusion of a fuller 3D lip appearance.

Now you can wake up each morning with already “done” lips, looking beautiful. You can quickly add a lip balm or your favorite lip gloss on top and you are good to go!

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