The Franchising Process

Step 1: Get Acquainted / Introduce Yourself

  • Complete application online
  • Wait for application to be processed and reviewed
  • Meeting with Lovely Eyebrows & Spa® Team
  • Receive and review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Step 2: Verification

  • Undergo credit and background checks
  • Provide proof of assets and financing
  • Once approved, signing of Franchise Agreement
  • Pay the franchise fee

Step 3: Match

  • Evaluate potential sites and opportunities in the area of your interest
  • Location must be approved by Lovely Eyebrows & Spa® and franchisee

Step 4: Almost Done...

  • Finalize lease/purchase
  • Begin construction at store
  • Begin training for franchise partner and crew

Step 5: Go!

  • Plan, coordinate and execute Grand Opening!