Open the door to a new dealing concept.
We want to give the opportunity to those who want to take part in a high-profit
business along with a continuous growing brand.

Join our franchise

A single opportunity that Lovely Eyebrows & Spa, a company devoted to improve image and well-being coming from beauty, gives its customers, with a highly qualified staff and fist class facilities, in order to provide the best and the most modern beauty service, which surpasses the expectations of each client.

This service quality has set us in an excellent position in Florida area, and has achieved a great number of happy clients served, which leads us to plan other strategies to provide the same service quality in other areas, such as new attractive commercial areas with a high demand for beauty service. Therefore, the concept of franchise was created for the brand Lovely Eyebrows & Spa to fulfill this need in the hands of those who have the firm desire of starting a business with a continuous growing brand with a short-term high profit.

The Franchising Process:

Step 1: Get Acquainted / Introduce Yourself
Complete the application online
Wait for application to be processed and reviewed
Meeting with Lovely Eyebrows & Spa® Team
Receive and review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Step 2: Verification
Undergo credit and background checks
Provide proof of assets and financing
Once approved, signing of Franchise Agreement
Pay the franchise fee

Step 3: Set
Evaluate potential sites and opportunities in the area of your interest
Lovely Eyebrows & Spa® and franchisee must approve location

Step 4: Almost Ready…
Finalize lease/purchase
Begin construction at store
Begin training for franchise partner and crew

Step 5: Go!
Plan, coordinate and execute a Great Opening!