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You did not have an appointment available for my last two week refill, so I had to go 3 days later and got charged for a 3 week refill (79$). It also was high volume, which I did not want, I like natural wispy eyelashes. I let it go because it was 10$ more. This time I went in and showed a picture to avoid getting ghetto-looking eyelashes. I showed her a picture of the natural classic wispy lashes I wanted because Marcella doesn’t speak English. I got high volume lashes put on me anyway and I hate them because I look like an ostrich. I was charged extra for this 2 week refill even though it’s far from what I wanted. I was told it was 79$ because they are not classic, which is what I wanted. I am extremely unhappy with this because I feel I am being taken advantage of and I am hating the way that you’re making me look. The tech either doesn’t understand or just does whatever she wants.

Jesina Bonnot